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    Logistics in the online trade and multi-channel are facing some challenges in the logistic process. Rising cost pressures coupled with aggressive price competition, sinking margins and the demographic change in society make the need for automation solutions more urgent.

    Why not use the flexibility, scalability, speed and quality offered by the new G-Com system! Thanks to the “goods-to-man” system - developed especially for the European market – G-Com is fully scalable and adaptable to new and existing systems.

    The main idea behind this is a mobile picking storage. The chaotic storage of the shelves is organized through the customer’s Warehouse Management System.

    The Grenzebach fleet manager controls the fleet of Carrys. These robust, intelligent vehicles take the shelves with stored goods fully automatically to the pick station and return the shelves to the storage after the pick. Different types of shelves ensure that a wide range of articles – from small parts to hanging goods – is stored with space saving and safety in mind.

    High pick productivity with low physical stress

    A Laser pointer, put-to-light-technology as well as a scanner in conjunction with a display support the worker at the pick station and enable a highly productive picking performance with a high picking quality – without great physical stress. The pick station as such is multifunctional, flexible and furthermore, built ergonomically: it can be used for picking, replenishments or returns.


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